SELPHI - Support. Empower. Learn. Parenting Health Initiative

Who We Are
SELPHI is a Health Promotion Council (HPC) program that focuses on helping expecting and parenting young adults.

Our goal is to help young parents to improve their health, their educational, social and economic situation and in turn positively impact not only their overall wellbeing but the wellbeing of their children and families as well.

What We Do
We assist young parents in setting realistic goals for themselves and their family.

We connect them to resources and services throughout Philadelphia that address their and their child’s health and well-being to help them establish a greater support network and promote self-sufficiency.

We help young parents to find jobs and educational opportunities

We ensure consistent communication with the young parents across various mediums to make sure they stay on track in achieving their set goals.

We provide opportunities for young parents to contribute their ideas to help develop our program.

Who We Serve

  • Youth between the ages of 16-24
  • Parent or expectant parent
  • Non-biological parents/caregivers

Where You Can Find Us
Questions about referrals can be sent to Program Manager, Victoria Mathis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Please submit your referrals here.

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